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With ever improving virtual reality technology, VR porn is no longer a fantasy reserved for Hollywood movies. And really it doesn't seem long ago that we all dreamed about virtual reality XXX and what virtual sex must be like, but finally after so much waiting it's finally here. If you think about hard, it was really never a question of "if" we would have VR porn but simply a matter of when... when the equipment would become affordable enough to enjoy at home. Well my friend that time is now. Virtual reality sex with the hottest porn stars is not only possible, its now more affordable then ever. Free VR sex experiences are the new and improved way to enjoy XXX and it will only be a matter of time before traditional porn is a thing of the past. Even though the technology is new and people are getting use to it, there are tons of VR porn studios creating hot content daily and here on MyFreeVRPorn.com you will find the very best of them. Plus each week we add one full length VR porn video for you to enjoy simply as a treat. All we ask is that you share our websites and tell your friends to check it out.

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What is VR Porn (Virtual Reality), how does it work and what are the different kinds of virtual reality porn videos?

1 - The best virtual reality porn features are the total immersion it provides. It is so easy to put on your VR headset and enjoy a totally new and virtual experience.

2 – Pretty much all XXX VR porn videos are filmed using POV or point of view, casts you as the star and puts you in the center of the action. 2 of more popular types of VR porn are 360 and 180 porn. The number refers to how much you see meaning 360 degrees or 180 degrees, but you should try both these adult virtual reality porn experience to see which you like best.

3 – This is probably the most exciting part of VR sex… you can finally fuck your favorite pornstars. Imagine virtual reality sex with pornstar Valentina Nappi anywhere or anytime.

4 – Many people think they will need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a VR headset, but the reality is there are many brands and models with a wide range of prices. That means you can grab cheap VR equipment so you don’t miss out on this exciting new type of porn. Pick from Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard (the cheapest VR headset on the market), Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, HTC ViVe, Microsoft HoloLens and literally new model coming out almost monthly.

5 – Plus you can watch mobile virtual reality porn on your phone. Within a few seconds and using a cardboard cut-out from Google you can transform your smartphone into a powerful VR device to enjoy porn in a way you never thought possible.

6 - You can easily download, stream and watch adult virtual reality porn.

7 – So many porn studios have start producing VR porn that you can enjoy this incredible content across a number of categories and niches just like regular porn.

8 – Plus here on MyFreeVRPorn.com every month we add a free full length VR porn video just as a way of saying thanks.

VR porn brings you up close to the sexual action

Comparing Virtual Reality Porn vs Traditional Porn Videos

The differences are pretty obvious, but in case you’re still not allow me to be your guide.

A survey done in early 2016 revealed that VR adult entertainment led to much greater pleasure with more intense orgasms then traditional 2D porn movies. I think the reasons behind this are immediately obvious for those who have experience true VR porn however if you haven’t then let me explain:

1 – When you put on your headset and dive into the world of VR sex you trick your mind into believing the experience is real therefore your body delivers a more intense orgasm.

2 – The whole point or VR porn is that it casts you in the center of attention, commonly called POV or Point of View. That means the experience feels as though you are actually in the video not just watching it.

3 – A lot of ladies may not realize this but there is a whole category of Virtual Reality XXX made especially for them called Female POV

4 – To make it even more realistic you can get a bunch of different devices and add-ons to further enhance your VR headset. This objects range include dildos and fleshlights that sync to your movies to produce far greater realism and pleasure.

5 – At some point in our lives we’ve all had a dirty fantasy about doing something “taboo” like fuck your babysitter, have a threesome or experience what a group orgy is like. Well with VR porno all of these experiences are right at your fingertips but you can enjoy them from the safety of your own couch.

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What are the current VR headsets available that are perfect for virtual reality porn

I think it's obvious now that to experience VR porn you’re going to need a virtual reality headset, so here is a quick list of some of the better VR headsets available on the market that are ideal for watching porn.

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • FreeFly VR
  • Zeiss VR One
  • Avegant Glyph
  • Razer OSVR
  • Google Cardboard
  • Homido VR Headsets
  • Google Daydream
  • Playstation VR

What are the expected trends for virtual porn?

By now you can easily see what VR porn is one the fastest growing niches in the adult industry. Since we closely monitor trends here on MyFreeVRPorn.com we were not surprised to see the massive spike in interest over 2017. All VR equipment is still new and manufactures are constantly improving the quality meaning porn studios are racing to keep up and product hot new content.

At last estimate there was more virtual reality porn content available then all other types of VR combined, that’s incredible if you think about it a minute. With demand only increasing we can expect to see even more videos form even more producers.

Let's close with some of the most important benefits of VR porn

  • You have a huge selection and variety to download and watch
  • VR porn videos put you in the middle of scene, meaning you are in the movie not just watching it.
  • Some of the biggest countries produce Virtual Reality porn including United States, Germany, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic.
  • Even though the US is one of the largest consumers of VR porn counties like , China, Germany and even the UK report higher numbers of virtual reality users overall.
  • The latest VR technology allows you to control what is in your line of sight, meaning you can focus on what you want to see, not what the production company thought you wanted to see.
  • POV or Point of View in virtual reality gives a life like perception of having real sex, since you are totally immersed in the content
  • Typically a standard adult VR video is approximately 10 to 19 minutes, which is about half that of traditional XXX movies.
  • You can finally have sex with the biggest pornstars in the industry, because many have created VR specific content already.
  • What about using virtual reality porn as a sex coach or trainer for real life sex situations? Believe it or not, this can extremely effective!
  • Studios who create 3D HD Virtual Reality Sex Movies, always ensure the highest possible quality.
  • VR videos come in many varieties such as 3D side by side, 360 panoramic or 180 panoramic.
  • Since VR headset technology continues to improve while decreasing in price the industry will continue to grow at it's record pace.

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